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Consignation Tramp


We have been active in Tramp agency business since 1818, mostly at the ports of Le Havre (and River Seine bay) and Dunkerque, working with our reliable sub agents at almost all french ports.


Our agency specialities include:

  • Chemical product tankers, liquefied gas, crude and refined or semi-refined oils, vegetable oils crude and refined, with a particular knowledge of these products handling, enabling the most efficient depatch on ship’s side,
  • Bulk carriers with ore and coal cargoes,
  • Grain bulkers, full cargoes and top-off,
  • Ro/Ro, car carriers,
  • Self discharging stone or sand carriers,
  • Break-bulk (steel cargoes and general),
  • Repairs and dry-docking,
  • Etc.


Through our highly motivated teams at Le Havre and Dunkerque we can guarantee efficient despatches, anticipation in all the new types of formalities and obligations before ship’s arrival (ISPS rules, waste disposal control etc.), absolute information control and timely e-mailed information to all parties to the pertinent C/P, as well as accurate and objective documentation filing (SOF, ship’s clearance etc.).

Representing some major P and I Clubs within our group of companies gives us good knowledge in soluting spot conflicting  situations, keeping the interests of  parties who nominate us protected. We work in full respect of BIMCO principles, whom we have been a member since long. We also belong to the French Federation of ship’s agents (FACAM, Paris) and are honoured by Lloyd’s ISO 9001-2000 certification at Dunkerque.

Our other activities include Customs entry and clearance (L.C.A), agency business through our affiliated company COQUELLE GOURDIN S.A. at Dunkerque, and hull-agency departments like S.P.S  at Le Havre, where we also maintain the formerly COLIN-OLIVIER business links.

Our Le Havre and Dunkerque offices work closely together and you may contact whichever of these offices:


Le Havre:
Didier Levavasseur

Ph : +
Ph. Ops: +


Ph : +33.328.58.05.51
Ph Ops: +33.328.66.66.65




Agency department records :

Ph: +
Fax : +

E-mail : didier.levavasseur@leh.sealogis.fr lehavre@agsm-shipping.fr

Postal + office adress:

Quai de l’EUROPE
POB 119
Le Havre Cedex


Contact : (from right to left)

Didier Levavasseur, Manager.
(direct : + Mob : +33.607.37.50.60)




Agency department records :

Ph: + 33. 328.66.66.65 (24/24)
Fax : + 33. 320.68.51.55

E-mail :
mail@agsm-shipping.fr manager@agsm-shipping.fr

Postal + office adress:

1/7 Place de la République
Po box 4-520
59383 Dunkerque Cedex 1


Contact : (from right to left)

Serge PIERRE, manager.
(direct: 33.328.58.05.51 / Mob: 33.607.01.57.43)

Jérôme PLANCKEEL, operations.
(direct: 33.328.66.66.65 / Mob: 33.607.91.54.62)

Sophie MARTEEL, customs and d/a assistant.
(direct: 33.328.58.05.63)


GROUPE SEALOGIS - Europe Building - Quai de l'Europe - B.P 119 - 76600 Le Havre - Tél 33 (0)2 35 25 57 25 - Fax 33 (0)2 35 24 34 52
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